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uBlissity, a Las Vegas-based wellness services provider is proud to introduce the "Bliss Labs Meetup" This meetup is for anyone who is on the lookout for new tools or modalities to improve the quality of their life or is looking to help others find peace and balance in their life. This meetup is about helping people find what they are looking for and without the use of pharmaceuticals or toxic chemicals.

Bliss is defined as a perfected state of happiness and uBissity strives to help put you into that perfected state. Members of the Bliss Labs Meetup will join other personal researchers on their quest for a blissful life. A few examples of the technologies our community of members (researchers) will have access to include.

Theraphi, a brand new Cold Atmospheric Plasma biophysics technology. Theraphi is a non-medical device that has been showing amazing results worldwide in improving the quality of peoples lives. (emotionally, spiritually and physically) The Theraphi technology is so new that uBlissity is the first and only place in Nevada to offer it. In addition to its Cold Plasma benefits its anti-aging properties are just as amazing. To learn more about Theraphi please visit http://www.Theraphi.me

Spooky2 Generator X, similar to Theraphi this non-medical technology is a game changer, especially for those on a budget. Members of the Bliss Labs Meetup will get regular free biofeedback scans and learn how to use this amazing technology in their personal lives. In addition to scanning the body for pathogens, the Spooky system is the first and only technology that lets you address them remotely. Serious horsepower for holistic wellness.

PandoraStar, this is another amazing tool we will soon bring to Las Vegas. It can be used in many ways for healing or bliss. PandoraStar uses proprietary frequency sets delivered through a powerful LED strobe effect. Different frequencies sets lead to different experiences, from an Out of Body experience to a digital Acid Trip with no actual drugs, another Las Vegas first.

Whether you are on a quest to heal yourself naturally, are a wellness service provider looking for new tools to help your clients or just love staying in the technology loop this meetup is for you!

Legal Notice:
It is recommended that before beginning any wellness plan, you notify your primary care physician or other licensed providers of health care of your intention to use wellness services, the nature of the wellness services to be provided and any wellness plan that may be utilized. It is also recommended that you ask your primary care physician or other licensed providers of health care about any potential drug interactions, side effects, risks or conflicts between any medications or treatments prescribed by your primary care physician or other licensed providers of health care and the wellness services you intend to receive.

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