What we're about

'The Merkle Social' is proud to announce a series of pan - India meetups to foster and build the Crypto community in India.

The events will also serve as a platform for productive networking with our team and your fellow attendees.

Through this series you can -

1. Network with Blockchain Industry Stalwarts.
2. Meet like minded individuals and build businesses with them.
3. Explore business opportunities in Blockchain and Crypto.
4. Learn Crypto Investment strategies.
5. Understand the space and find your niche.

'The Merkle Social' is an open community created for everyone of us who are -

1. Building Projects in this space.
2. Investors.
3. Traders.
4. Who are finding potential employees for their Blockchain startup.
5. Who want to build a career in Crypto and the Blockchain Ecosystem.
6. Crypto Youtubers.
7. Crypto Media guys.
8. Professionals who want to network with like minded people and build businesses together.
9. Seasoned Venture Capitalists and Hedge Fund Managers.
10. Officials from the India Regulatory bodies.
11. Learners!

Feel free to collaborate with each other and build businesses.

Contribute to the group often so you guys can stay in touch.
This group has no strict rules. Feel free to self regulate this community.

Do reach out to me if you want to collaborate to the event or want your startup showcased for free.
All the meetups are absolutely FREE of cost and free of sponsorships.

Once again, Welcome aboard BUIDLers!

Whatsapp Group link - https://chat.whatsapp.com/GXttqi7SRMc0lhd0ThHuo3

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