What we're about

What is Blockchain and why will it affect the lives of billions of people and businesses? Everyday, the Blockchain Derbyshire community of enthusiasts seek to add answers to this question.

As a community we're bringing leading Blockchain practitioners and thinkers to the Midlands. You can help raise Derbyshire as a leader in the world of Distributed Ledger, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. We're a new group so please join and spread the word if you're interested in:- - understanding Blockchain basics and can't stop yourself asking the question 'what is this thing'
- discovering practical applications for Blockchain that help your business, career or personal development
- understanding how Blockchain can be used for social good
- networking with interesting people that believe next-level technology should improve the lives of both connected and disconnected citizens
- learning how to safely and ethically invest in Cryptocurrency
- learning from other Blockchain enthusiasts
- mobile apps and Blockchain
- bringing the best Distributed Ledger and Blockchain talent to Derbyshire

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