What we're about

Purpose Statement

The Blockchain Development Group is a forum to connect developers, startups, and corporations. We'll explore advanced technical concepts and use cases to grow the blockchain community and ecosystem.

Meetup Description

A group of blockchain enthusiasts looking to advance blockchain technologies through education and networking events. This is a platform agnostic group. Join the group if you want to learn about blockchain technology, share your blockchain knowledge, or to meet others interested in the tech.

Meetups will be held in Omaha and Lincoln.


Who are the Meetup attendees?


Network and have real conversations about blockchain with real people

Explore ideas to integrate in their products or topics for further study

Satiate an innate curiosity about all things technical, and explore new ideas

Find work, land a job, or acquire more paying gigs

A unique learning and education opportunity on subjects they won’t hear elsewhere

Augment their skillsets and competencies

Find talent they can leverage in their endeavors or join forces to be a part of a startup


Show off their products

Raise funding from VCs or corporations

Acquire new customers

Ideas for product improvement

Introduction to potential staff or co-founders

Find and hire blockchain talent


A larger tech pool and internal talent development (we should not focus on introductory or 101 concepts - these can be found elsewhere like the Omaha Bitcoin Meetup)

Learn about startups and products to fund or acquire

Explore how to apply this new technology to boost the bottom line

Attract technology companies and resources to Omaha in order to grow the local economy and bring partners closer/pool companies

Find and hire blockchain talent

Past events (15)

Bitcoin Day Omaha 2021

Needs a location

Libra: Facebook's Entry Into Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Needs a location

Blockchain Technopolitics

Needs a location

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