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Technology Advocacy & Education Services

We’re engineers. We know how magical code can be when it works, and how frustrating it feels when it doesn’t. We love sharing that knowledge with others, and we do so with patience and empathy. We’ll help with identifying friction points with your technology and systematically eliminate concerns to increase the satisfaction of users and contributors


Providing detailed comparative technology reviews. Technical and Product Consulting. Smart Contract engineering and Product Architecture assistance. Technology Audit. Due Diligence support for both sides: projects and investors. Economic research: expenses for miners, nodes and equipment, incentive model for network contributors, legal restrictions etc.


Education and empowering contributors & users by developing a community and giving technical workshops, seminars, Q&A sessions etc. Writing code, sample apps, benchmarks, tutorials, and helping customers and community members to tackle problems

Sales Engineering

Gathering and socializing product feedback that will inform engineering, sales, and marketing decision-making. Hosting, speaking and attending at conferences, meetups, events, hackathons, and any other place where potential partners & contributors of your technology attend. Connecting and networking with developers, users and entrepreneurs to identify how your tecnology might help them be even more awesome

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