Startup Token Europe Tour - Berlin powered by Amatus


Entrepreneurs, experts and investors: amazing projects will present their disruptive solutions and discuss the new paradigms of venture capital and crowd sales, fresh off the StartupToken Asia.
NeoPlace is the protocol for Marketplaces on the Blockchain. Interacting with IPFS and Ethereum blockchain, NeoPlace introduces the Proof of State concept where each phase of the transaction is tracked through Smart Contract. NeoPlace is the opportunity for crypto holders to spend their assets on goods and services in the real economy. Secure transactions, low cost and decentralized, NeoPlace disrupts the global e-commerce market.
EthicHub is a platform that unilaterally grants access to international financial markets specifically to those who are currently excluded. It connects prospective investors to a wide variety of projects such as small-scale agricultural producers. This lending structure allows for lenders to gain access to a plethora of low-risk projects while significantly reducing costs for borrowers through Ethereum transferable assets.
Bundle Network is an online platform connected to various exchanges, enabling users to purchase and sell multiple digital-assets within seconds of execution through one account and one click, at the best price possible either in bundles, or individually. It will also serve as an online meeting point for digital assets investors to share and discuss topics related to trading.
Mobilum's unique system converts almost instantly your crypto into fiat and charge your own credit or debit card. It will works on any card system.
The Mobilum Platform is a multi-asset, low-latency, high-frequency, MiFID compliant matching engine allowing best execution of different asset classes in real-time.

StartupToken is a worldwide network of accelerators. We accelerate blockchain startup from the idea to the ICO. We organize Roadshows events and provide a wide range of services to projects that are innovative or of social importance.

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