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This meetup is either for real-estate-people who are interested in how to use blockchain technology or for blockchain enthusiasts who like to understand more about real estate - both with the aim to innovate the real estate industry.

This meetup is part of the global network of FIBREE ( https://fibree.org/ ) - the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise.

Distributed Ledger AKA Blockchain Start-Ups, Developers, and Real Estate Professionals who would like direction from Global Leaders in Blockchain for Real Estate. Check out the "Meet The Team" page on the website! =)

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Tokenization & STO's Future - Exploring Specifics in Blockchain for Real Estate

1) A presentation on Tokenization - by: Doug Sandlin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dougsandlin/ Experienced technology / startup business development consultant with a focus on Blockchain technology startups. Doug specializes in helping to optimize blockchain projects via business development, content creation and strategy, process optimization, marketing, compliant funding (ICOs, STOs, other options), compliant product and service offerings, and growth strategy services. His current areas of specialization include token structure, regulatory considerations and compliance for security tokens, strategic resources, funding, project compliance, partnerships and custom-designed growth strategies. One of his most recent projects was leading business development for ATLANT, the global security token real estate trading platform, through November 2018. he has over 30 years experience and success with all facets of business development for technology companies, ranging from lead generation, to sales processes and operations, to technology partnerships, vendor selection, content creation and strategy, major account acquisition and growth, and customer-facing partnerships. For further details, please see the Clients and Blog sections of his website. 2) The Coach will do a presentation on "Use Cases that may transform Real Estate" 3) A Panel of local ninjas on the entrance of STO's into the Real Estate space. Henry Elder - https://www.linkedin.com/in/henry-elder/ Co-Founder of Digital Asset Advisors Based in the Los Angeles Area Digital Asset Advisors works with startups who are pursuing distributed ledger technology (DLT) use cases within finance, real estate, and other traditional assets. They also provide consultation services to established companies who are exploring uses for DLT within their own industries, and to help them understand the potential impacts of DLT on their industry in the future. Alon Goren - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alongoren/ Founding Partner of Goren Holm, Crypto Invest Summit & Security Token Summit, LA Blockchain Week & 805 Startups & Investedin. His specialties are Crypto, Crowdfunding, Punk Rock :-) Virgie Van Horst - https://www.linkedin.com/in/virgievanhorst/ Broker | Crypto & Blockchain Real Estate Advisor | Entrepreneur | Digital Branding Growth Marketer | Motivator She is very interested in blockchain technology and how it relates to real estate. According to Virgie, "there is always an evolution to all things in life… It’s just the way our world has always worked." "Anything that makes our lives easier, faster, more streamlined and convenient….will end up being adopted by the masses." Ezio Van Horst - https://www.linkedin.com/in/eziovanhorst/ AltTradingSystems.com - Crypto Expert | Trader | Investor Alt Trading Systems “ATS” has been founded by an elite team of executives and trading professionals; experts within the financial and internet/tech industries, and has developed an advanced trading system that gives financial industry professionals what they need most. A complete turnkey Done For You (DFY) system within both the traditional financial markets as well as the highly niche Alternative Digital Cryptocurrency/Asset markets; “Alt/Crypto Coins.”

Blockchain-REAL and FIBREE World Summit

Needs a location

Blockchain Technology *is* REAL http://www.blockchain-real.net/ Trade Real Estate piece-by-piece: Blockimmo from Switzerland, or Brickblock from Berlin show how to do it. Blocksquare from Slovenia sold parking lots as Tokens ... Facebook or the Autrian-Swiss element36: The blockchain can increasingly be used with real currency such as Euro instead of Cryptocurrencies. Thus it is increasingly becoming relevant for the REAL economy Real estate professionals, trustees, tax consultants and enterpreneurs are given the necessary overview to decide, join or wait for the right moment to move into Blockchain. From different different perspectives, independent and genuine. Austria will be on the main stage and you may get international with the experts of FIBREE. What are the target groups? ​ For investors, entrepreneurs, technicians, startups, architects, lawyers and the construction and real estate industry. What are take-aways for entrepreneurs? The blockchain creates new markets and business models. Blockchain-REAL shows visions of what others are working on and what has already been turned into reality. Your thinking about existing processes is put to the test and helps to make improvements and opportunities visible in your company. Shall I invest into Bitcoins? You are totally wrong at Blockchain-Real. It's not about speculation or quick money, it's about blockchain technology, and how "real" companies can benefit from it. International networking has a long tradition in Vienna Be part of history and join the first FIBREE WORLD SUMMIT. A unique opportunity to network internationally with blockchain / real estate experts who know about their local market, the important players and activities.

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