Blockchain Hub Warsaw: Demo Night

Blockchain Hub Warsaw Meetup
Blockchain Hub Warsaw Meetup
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Mindspace Koszyki

Koszykowa 61 · Warszawa

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It’s our great pleasure to invite you to Blockchain Hub’s very first Demo Night! If you want to update yourself on the newest, dopest projects from Warsaw’s blockchain scene, make sure to write this one down 📆

What’s the story?

When BHW was founded, our idea was to tell the world a story about Warsaw, the new “it” place on the map of crypto world, a lively, buzzing capital full of skilled and creative minds working on the most pressing issues in the field. Day by day we’re getting closer to achieving this goal, all thanks to the incredible progress our projects are making. And this is your chance to see where they are now - take a look, give it a go and tell them what you think. We will welcome you once again at Mindspace, so take it as a given that the afterparty in Koszyki is to be expected 🍷🍸

Rules of the game

We’ll have plenty to show you, but we also want to see your work, your ideas, your projects. If you have something you want to share, this is the place to do that. We’ll make sure you have proper setting and audience for a lightning talk, a pitch or full scale demo. Apply here - best before April 13th 🔥

What’s on schedule?

⌨️ 0x ⌨️
0x is an open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain. StarkDEX project's goal is to perform on-chain verification for over 10k trades per block thanks to using zero-knowledge proofs. This solution would minimize gas costs.

🤖 Golem 🤖
One of the oldest and best known Polish blockchain projects.
Golem is a global, open source, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. It is made up of the combined power of users’ machines, from PCs to entire data centers.

🤝 Ramp Swaps 🤝
Ramp, the founding member of BHW, has been working on Ramp Swaps, a dApp allowing for peer2peer fiat to crypto swaps. The team will take you through the process and shed some light on their future plans.

💸 MakerDao 💸
MakerDao’s latest novelty is Eth2Dai - a fully on-chain marketplace for Ether and Dai. In their talk they are gonna explore technical details behind one of the most popular DEXes on ethereum blockchain.

Cryptoauth allows you to login into old school services that support OpenID Connect (like Wordpress, Rocket.Chat, etc) using your Ethereum Wallet.

✓ CodeChecks ✓
Codechecks is a open source platform for code review automation. Spare yourself some time endlessly checking pull requests and catch more bugs before they reach production environment. Krzysiek Kaczor will guide you through the best features of his project.

🍫 EthWorks' Waffle 🍫
EthWorks has been present in the blockchain community since 2013. Their newest project Waffle is a library for writing and testing smart contracts. It allows you to write short but expressive tests. Sweeter, simpler and faster than Truffle.

👋 Zippie 👋
Zippie makes it really easy for anybody to begin using the decentralised internet in less than 20 seconds and share it to their friends through WhatsApp etc. with ease.

Check out the schedule here:
18:50-19:00 - Drinks & Snacks break
Ramp Swaps (Ramp Network)
Eth2Dai (Maker DAO)
StarkDEX (0x)
19:50-20:00 Drinks & Snacks break
Waffle (EthWorks)

20:40-21:00 - Lightning Talks
21:00-22:00 - Networking & Pizza
22:00- ??? - After in Koszyki

We’ll be announcing more speakers soon - and don’t forget to submit your project 💥

Can’t wait!