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Our group events have been covered by Fortune, Business Insider, Digital NYC and many more. We host regular events.

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Join the Blockchain & Ethereum community dedicating their talent and work to transforming our world. The blockchain's ability to adapt, flow and transform.

Come and discover the innovators, leaders, and philosophers in the space showcasing their solutions and meet the technologists who can support your needs.

Monthly Meet-Up group focused on leveraging blockchain technology, bringing news and tech. We aim to bring together interested parties, developers, and thought leaders to discuss potential applications of blockchain technology, and potentially move forward on creating humanitarian solutions.

Participants: Participants will range from people directly involved in the blockchain and people interested in emerging technologies, potential humanitarian/political ventures, and socially conscious citizens of the world. Developers, tech entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, impact investors.

Speakers: Each event will include multiple speakers from various backgrounds. Speakers may be developers creating fintech spaces, blockchain dapps, or solutions, consultants, institutions, charities using blockchain solutions, humanitarian workers interested in exploring blockchain tech, and thought leaders in both spaces. Bitcoin, ethereum and other blockchain applications. Join us!

We are a blockchain news meetup that focuses on New York City-based startups bringing you the latest in current news. We have journalists and podcasters tracking down the most relevant blockchain news.

Join fastest growing blockchain network in NYC, see you at our event!

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Blockchain Explained: Technology Behind Buzz

Online event

This course will cover layers of blockchain technology, cover a range of blockchain variants, it will give you an overview of whats possible and give your technical overview of why this is so valuable for the future. This session will be led by Art Malkov, Chief Digital Officer at BlockchianDriven. Please note that this will be members only session. You can register by becoming a member at https://www.BlockDriven.com In addition to access to this course, subscription will give you access of over two dozen exclusive courses in blockchain covering over dozen industries. Regular price is $19.95 but for your first month use code HALFOFF at check out for 50% discount off your first month. Can't wait?>>>> See other sessions at BlockDriven Academy now: Want a career in blockchain but don’t know where to start? Here is an event from BlockDriven Academy specifically designed to be an entryway into the wide world of blockchain for those who need more information or who don’t know where to begin? What technical skills do you need for a blockchain job, if any? What kind of blockchain companies are out there? What roles are available? Which non-blockchain roles translate well to blockchain? All of these questions and more are answered by our fantastic panel of experts in Blockchain Careers for All: Finding Where Your Skills and Experience Fit In [2020 Guide]. Link here: >>> https://www.blockdriven.com/course?courseid=free-webinar <<< Are you already a blockchain expert? Find your future career with our specific, engaging Live Sessions. Project Management in Blockchain Analysis: Careers and Opportunities [Expert Panel] What does a blockchain Project Manager do? What experience do you need for this specific blockchain job? What non-blockchain careers transition well to a blockchain career in Project Management? Plus a full guide of Project Management blockchain opportunities in 2020. See full session here >>>https://www.blockdriven.com/course?courseid=blockchain-project-management-careers The Future of Software Development on Blockchain [Careers and Opportunities] How has blockchain development changed since the crypto boom? What projects are looking for developers? How can you skill up and hunt for the perfect blockchain development job? Plus a full guide of Development blockchain opportunities in 2020. See full session here >>>https://www.blockdriven.com/course?courseid=blockchain-developer-careers Marketing and Advertising in Blockchain [Roles, Future and Opportunity] Blockchain companies are evolving beyond theoretical, and they now need to sell their product and make it commercially approachable and appealing to consumers. Learn how you can transition your existing marketing, branding, or advertising career to the most exciting emerging tech around. Plus a full guide of Marketing and Advertising blockchain opportunities in 2020. See full session here >>>https://www.blockdriven.com/course?courseid=marketing-advertising-blockchain-careers Business Development Careers in Blockchain [Why this Sector is Booming] Have business experience and want to get involved in blockchain? Our expert panel shows you how you can transition a myriad of existing careers into being a Business Developer on blockchain. What skills can you learn before jumping in? Which companies are hiring? Plus a full guide of Business Development blockchain opportunities in 2020. See full session here >>>https://www.blockdriven.com/course?courseid=blockchain-business-development-bd Analyst Roundtable: Opportunities and Careers in Blockchain [Expert Panel] What do Market Analysts do for blockchain companies? What does 2021 and beyond look like for blockchain’s growth? How can a non-analyst career be transitioned into a blockchain Market Analyst one? Our panel comes from varied companies to provide their perspectives on this fascinating industry’s future. See full session here >>>https://www.blockdriven.com/course?courseid=blockchain-market-analyst

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