Blockchain of the Future: Smart Cities, Media, Smart Contracts & Beyond. Mar 28

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Over the course of 2017, Blockchain NYC has become a leader in Blockchain Events in New York, events that we have hosted were covered by Fortune, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance and many other media outlets. We bring the highest quality speakers to our panels with the latest perspective from thought leaders in the blockchain and crypto space.

Tyler Gold - Vice Media
Meggie Hsu - Air Swap (Decentralized Token Exchange on Ethereum)
Karen Bhatia - Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)
LIllian Ruiz - Civil - Self-governing marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain.

Nick Walker - BlockchainDriven Consulting

Lets explore where blockchain tech can take our lives in the imminent future.

"Is it any surprise that our cities are growing up and getting smarter? From the 1950’s onwards, cities were built around cars; now smart cities are being built around data and information. The obvious next step is to share data which is a good reason why sharing and decentralization on blockchain is important. " - Nasdaq

Now lets explore what can happen in 5, 10 years from now with Blockchain.
How can it disrupt dynamic and vision around us. Blockchain is so much more than cryptocurrency and as the technology is adopted it will affect the way all major industries function, from retail, healthcare, real estate, law, transportation, energy, and more. This event will cover: How can blockchain affect smart cities, media, surroundings?
In what ways will blockchain can affect our lives?
Smart Contracts all around us
What is the local and global impact of the blockchain?
Exploring the possible ofthe blockchain
What does the future after blockchain adoption look like?
How do we prepare for a world on blockchain?
Projects on Blockchain. Ways New York City sees blockchain and its adaption.
And Much More.

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"Technologies like AI and Blockchain are positioned to transform how our cities function on a meta-level." - Aric Dromi

We will be announcing the other 3 panelists as we get close to the event date.

Panel of Experts:

Karen Bhatia, Vice President of NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)

NYCEDC is dedicated to the creation of a dynamic, equitable, and sustainable urban economy. She leads Creative and Applied Tech strategies and initiatives to promote economic development and entrepreneurship throughout the city. From infrastructure, jobs and business opportunities, even the way cities like NYC operate, blockchain technology will have a profound effect.

Lilian Ruiz - Head of Operations at Civil (Part of Consensys )

Lillian works on the alignment and operations team developing strategy and tactics for large-scale Etherum project execution, and resource management.

Civil (Part of Consenys) is a self-governing marketplace where citizens directly sponsor newsrooms and journalists collaboratively run their own publications. It is operated via a token economy that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Civil is building a newsroom platform using blockchain technology and cryptoeconomics to create an open marketplace for journalists and citizens.

The Ethereum blockchain plays a foundational role in Civil's model: The token is a value stored in a decentralized database that's managed by Civil's smart contract, which allows the Civil platform to interact on Ethereum Blockchain.

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