Navigating Blockchain: Trust vs. Control, Transparency vs. Privacy


Partner event. Please note that this is morning event:



Build trust without sacrificing control and increase transparency without giving up privacy!

SODAS and NUMA are proud to invite you to our exclusive panel discussion featuring professionals across fin-tech, blockchain innovation, traditional finance and cybersecurity!

NUMA is a global acceleration network that focuses on startup growth, community, and corporate innovation.

SODAS is a blockchain integrator that develops visual tools to put your existing business workflow on blockchain.

Together we will navigate the concept of private vs public blockchains and put together ideal use cases for sandboxing blockchain technology. We will also discuss what it takes to architect a blockchain solution for a working business model. We are going to try to assess what inefficiences can push a company to make a radical change of their functioning system, and how decentralized finance can shape new non-vertical business structures around the world.

Moderator: Giulia Imperatrice (NUMA)