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Started in 2014, this Sydney meetup for professionals is a forum to discuss Blockchain and other digital emergent technologies. Whether you're new or have an existing interest, Blockchain professionals will put you in touch with others in the field.

To sponsor this meetup, please send a private message to one of the organisers. Sponsors presentations are always welcome (with prior planning).

**When we don't have sponsors we charge a $5 fee to cover pizza. If you are a student or can't afford the attendance fee, please contact the organiser and the fee will be waived for you.

Meetup Code of Conduct


All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our meetup are required to comply with the following code of conduct. If you do not wish to comply, you should reconsider attending our events.


Be excellent to each other.

Our goal is to provide a harassment-free experience for everyone.

Language or imagery which belittles individuals based on personal characteristics protected under the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 is prohibited.

Our meetups are safe environments for the expression of personal work and ideas. Participants are required to provide feedback in a positive manner. Ridicule, bullying or personal embarrassment will not be tolerated.
Meetup participants violating these rules will be sanctioned or expelled from the meetup or event without a refund at the discretion of the meetup organisers.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a meetup organizer.

Upcoming events (2)

[BPx] EDCON Sydney Hackaton

Needs a location

****IMPORTANT***** [BPx] is an independently organised event. Edcon is organised by LinkTime and Crytpo Chicks with the support of the local community. You can RSVP here, but must also register at https://www.edcon.io/ *********************** EDCON Week is part of Community Ethereum Development series, organized by LinkTime, one of the Chinese Ethereum community representatives. EDCON Hackathon is a 48 hour Hackathon, focusing on technology implementation and innovation. World wide best and brightest hackers from all over the world will form teams for three days of coding, learning and demonstrating ideas. We open to the hackers of all level, from the beginner to veteran. EDCON Hackathon team will provide supplementary resources, mentorship, and food for the candidates in need. Don’t hesitate to join us. To better prepare your competition, we will cooperate with Ethereum Plasma Team and world-class organizations - like Sidney's own SIGMA PRIME - to provide you technology training supports. Online training workshops will be offered. It’s open to everyone who are interested in Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions. Anyone registered to participate online workshop will have a chance to receive live training on the topics of Sharding, PoS, Clients, Plasma, Channel, Snark, etc. You are able to learn from online sources and ask your questions face to face with the mentors. Each workshop is limited to 100 participants and consist of 40mins lecture and 20 mins Q&A. It’s free of charge and open to register for everyone. Click here to register. https://www.edcon.io/

[BPx] EDCON Sydney Conference

ICC Sydney

****IMPORTANT***** [BPx] is an independently organised event. Edcon is organised by LinkTime with the support of the local community. You can RSVP here, but must also register at https://www.edcon.io/ Use code BlockchainProfessionals for 10% off. Pay with TOKENS for an extra 10% off. *********************** DISCOUNT CODE can only be used 50 TIMES. Don't delay, grab your discounted ticket today! :) Ticket Prices (before discount) Early Bird: USD $480 (limited to the first 100) General: USD $600 Developer: USD $300 Student: USD$150 (with Student ID) Registration Link: https://www.edcon.io/registration?pay=1 EDCON 2019 (Community Ethereum Development Conference) is a non-profit global conference which will happen in Sydney, Australia, this year. The purpose of the conference is to improve communication among various Ethereum communities and to promote Ethereum ecosystem development on a global scale. EDCON is organized as a conference series, once a year in different countries. The previous EDCONs were held successfully in ESCP Europe, Paris 2017, and Ryerson University, Toronto 2018 (both were organized by LinkTime, one of the Chinese Ethereum community representatives). The Ethereum Foundation and various Ethereum communities have been strongly supportive to this high-quality community conference. Great changes will take place in EDCON 2019. This time, we will bring a greater event with more opportunities for attendees to communicate with great minds in this field and get involved in more interesting activities. You will see a total EDCON week which includes: (1) EDCON HACK: a 48 hours event with non-stop creative storming for participants. (2) EDCON Conference: a three-day conference including main conference, subconference, workshops, etc. Core Ethereum development teams will be invited to talk about the latest updates on Ethereum research and technology, and other pioneers in the field will share their thoughts on the current trends, projects and applications, as well as community building and development status. (3) EDCON Fun day: a one-day outdoor activity. While this will no doubt be a great opportunity for network building between the community members, we would also like to provide the atmosphere in a more informal setting for everyone to relax after a week of hacking and sessions.

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