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If you are a degen looking for other degens to hang out with and talk about stuff your girlfriend is not interested in, then this is the right club you need to join. Come as you are.

Let us know if you are the next unicorn and you want to pitch something.

StartupToken is a consulting & advisory firm focusing on the emergence of Web 3.0. We also launched our own NFT Marketplace check Minty.art.

Our Meetup covers everything about decentralization, disruption, innovation, and education on distributed technologies.
We hold frequent events in Paris, New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo. Each event is an opportunity to learn from builders paving the way for disruption: VC investors, Developers, Security experts, Protocol builders, and others.

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Future of NFTs and metaverse on Bitcoin

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dApps and DeFi on RSK

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RSK Ecosystem Update

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