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How to launch a successful ICO in 3 months - London 16 Oct 9-5pm - Paid Workshop
Practical Workshop - "Launch a Successful ICO in 3 Months" (Initial Coin Offering / Token sale) Register and Pay: Early Bird Tickets GBP150 only this week on eventbrite till 7 Sep---------. Do not RSVP here. Buy on eventbrite. No late discounts. 16 October Full day 10am to 5pm Venue : Guoman Tower Hotel, Near TowerBridge TBC Fintech Storm & Token Storm present A Full Day Practical Workshop for Founders, Innovators, ICO Marketers, Developers Enlightening, Insightful , Inspirational What will you do this summer to boost your crypto economy skills ? We have been around the globe in thae past few months from Mexico City, Davos , Paris , London , Singapore, Hongkong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dubai, Seoul, hobnobbing with the geniuses of cryptocurrencies. We have brought together the best of founders and technical wizards in Blockchain to give you a taste of their success strategies in ICOs. So you reckon crypto is Big! You have released your landmark white paper, or just about to. (This can take a lifetime or 6 months to a year depending on how profound is your innovation) You have attended plenty conferences, seminars and meetups on Crypto. You know all about how Crypto is revolutionising the world. You know the billions of dollars already chasing the crypto ventures, and billions more to come from mainstreet institutional investors once Wall Street finally wakes up to it. But, you are not sure how to launch a successful ICO. You are faced with quotes of a few bitcoin for being featured in some crypto press releases, and a million dollar budget to do the marketing. Help is here. Learn the tricks from the best before you spend that million dollar marketing budget. Learn what is essential. How to create a kick ass ICO. Register here: Time : 9:00am to 6:00pm 16 October 2018 Venue: Guoman Tower Hotel St Katherine's Way, Wapping London E1W1LD Agenda Topics 1. How to launch a successful ICO in 3 Months Speakers from Pillar, Seratio Token , HCX, Iconiq Labs 2. Where to set up your ICO - Regulation on ICOs, Cryptocurrencies in UK and jurisdictions around the world Speaker : Regulatory & legal expert on crypto 3. Do you want to issue a utility token or a security token ? 4. How to do a smart contract audit for your ICO? 5. How to do a rating or review of your token ? 6. How to build successful PR & marketing campaigns for your token sale and grow your telegram channel ? 7. Don't know anything about blockchain? You can still benefit from crypto revolution and fundraise on blockchain. Learn how to launch a Security Token, bypassing investment banks and traditional stock exchanges Sponsor our global events to reach 10000 + crypto enthusiasts carefully cultivated with engaging meetups over past 2 years. HCX (Himalaya Capital Exchange): A Security Token Issuance Platform HCX is a project aimed at creating a tokenised platform for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) on a global, borderless, stock exchange. The Platform As a Service eco-system would offer an alternative to investment banks that are currently mandated to lead-manage IPOs, and give corporates, governments, and other entities raising public capital a less costly, and more democratic option with instant access to global investors. We are giving entrepreneurs everywhere the chance to create their own shares and bonds, and raise money within minutes from across the world frictionlessly. The platform would run on smart contract algorithms and at a later point make use of --AI in matching and creating a marketplace. White Paper:

Guoman Tower Hotel

St Katherine's Way · London

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This group is for enthusiasts looking to explore in the space of blockchain and smart contract. Our Meetup group strives to help: Researchers, Startups, Entrepreneurs and Investors in Fintech and non-financial services

Blockchain or Distributed ledgers are poised to disrupt a wide range of industries from banking and finance to the Internet of Things, among others. The aim of this group is to bring together people interested in discussing cross-industry use cases for distributed ledgers, to exchange knowledge for developing POC / Project and creating opportunities for companies to develop new businesses.

We would also be exploring the possibilities and challenges of ‘smart contracts’. This will be a highly valuable opportunity for you to explore the new frontiers of Blockchain and discover how Blockchain could be used as a platform for the exchange of ‘smart contracts’ that replace standard business documents. By using the Blockchain as a ledger, smart contracts can be tracked and used to verify business relationships and agreement without having to resort to the legal system. One idea is to use the Blockchain to manage car leases and the accompanying registration documents. When a car changes hands, new cryptographic signature could you used to complete the deal and even programme car keys for new owners. The group is also committed to share fresh insights around key Blockchain and smart contract developments. Join, Participate and Learn! 

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