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What we’re about

San Francisco Blockchain Startups Club is a group of enthusiasts or early stage startups looking to explore Blockchain, Dapps - Decentralized Applications, DAOs - Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Smart contract, Initial Coin Offering ICOs etc., Token pre-sale and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of a blockchain project has proved to be a successful instrument to raise funds for the development and scaling up of blockchain startups. In this group you will get to learn how to develop your own Dapp and also raise an ICO successfully. San Francisco Blockchain Startups Club also helps people to collaborate with each other to exchange knowledge for developing a Prototype/POC,

Startup founders can find a Co-founder, Advisor and also get marketing help for their token launch to reach investors.

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Who can join San Francisco Blockchain Startups Club?

Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, Blockchain developers and Institutional investors, Venture Capitalist and also individual Investors in Blockchain space disrupting wide range of industries from Fintech (Banking/Finance) to Non-financial Deep technology including IoT - Internet of Things, ML - Machine Learning, AI - Artificial Intelligence.

San Francisco Blockchain Startups Club will help you:
- Learn how to tokenize your product or service to raise funds for public
- Learn how to build dApps - Decentralized Apps
- Learn how to develop smart contracts
- Learn how to create your own ERC-20 token
- Learn how to promote your ICO
- Learn entire process of raising contributions through ICOs
- Discuss and Review upcoming ICOs if they are worth investing
- Discuss cross-industry use cases for distributed ledgers and smart contracts
- Network and find a Co-founder or CTO or a blockchain developer for your project
- Attend Crypto conferences

By joining this group you agree that you have read and understand the below statements:
This meetup group does not provide any liability or insurance for the protection of individuals who may participate in any of the events planned by the Organizer or Co & Assistant or Event Organizers. All content shared are views expressed here are subjective, speculative and personal opinion only. ICO projects may be successful or failure based on various factors. We are not a financial advisor, please do your own due diligence to learn about all the risks and rewards of Crypto Currencies.
You are aware and agree that these materials/webinars/chat rooms/channels/seminars/newsletters and events are provided/conducted for educational purposes only and Nothing provided is to be taken as trading advice
Please understand that you are responsible for your own investment and will hold no one else liable. You agree not to hold the Organizer, Co & Assistant or Event Organizers, or any other members responsible for anything to do with your business decision or investment, or any other situation that may happen.
This applies to, and also covers and includes, all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated and unsuspected loss and liability.