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What we’re about

Blockchain Sydney is an independent group open for all people interested in blockchain technology, encompassing digital assets, tokenisation, smart contracts, application development, dApps (Decentralized Applications), supply chains, provenance, self-sovereign ID, cryptocurrencies and the whole shebang!Β 
We generally host 2 meetups every month with industry experts and or Q&A panel discussions. All Blockchain Sydney events are free to attend with an RSVP.
Both technical and non-technical people are welcome at our events and newcomers are always encouraged to join in, learn and participate.
Would you like to sponsor an event or are you keen to acquire a speaking slot?

β˜… Sponsorship can be done on a regular monthly basis, or for just a one off event. A basic sponsorship arrangement generally covers a bar tab of between $500 and $2,000 however a larger amount can be agreed upon.Β 
A $1,000 bar tab will guarantee the exclusive use of an informal private space with a monitor, wireless mics and a bartender.
β˜… We’re always looking out for good speakers. A brief 15 - 20 min talk works for us or we can promote your entire event on Meetup with your own speakers and MC.
β˜… Please copy and include all members of our leadership team to any email correspondence.
β˜… Join our lively informative Telegram Messenger group chat:
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β˜… Blockchain Sydney website:

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