Blockchain Sydney presents Dr James Jansson XCredits + Cameron Wall RainCheck

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We’ll be hosting tonight's meetup at Hotel Harpoon Harry a popular Cuban themed bar publico where you can relax in comfy arm chairs while watching presentations by industry experts. Seating is limited so don’t miss out.

6.15pm: RSVP arrivals and networking

- Cameron Wall - CEO RainCheck
Focused on peering into the future and building what's missing using the latest technology available, founding six tech startups since 1995.
25+ years experience running development & design teams building web & mobile platform solutions for global enterprise clients. Expertise in Mobile and Cloud-based back-ends, including working with teams on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). More recently on projects involving solution design for DLT (Blockchain) mainly on Stellar protocol and crypto-economics and tokenization.

- Dr James Jansson - CEO XCredits is presenting "a short introduction to the technical aspects of the XCredits white paper and it's potential applications in real world transactions."
XCredits is aiming to provide a basis for a global, trustless transaction system for many different assets tokenized on the blockchain including fiat currency, rewards scheme and company stock. To do this, XCredits will increase blockchain transaction capacity with a sharded, proof-of-work model. In this talk several key innovations of the XCredits white paper will be briefly covered including:

- Variable sized blocks (Microblocks) which increases confirmation speed dramatically
- A method for reusing proof-of-work when forks occur in a blockchain (Fork Merge Mining)
- A proof-of-work methodology which is relatively resistant to ASICs (Block-hard mining)
- A method that turns nano fees into usable outputs (Stochastic Rewards)

Business plan
White paper

With both seasoned crypto-currency veterans and organizers going back as far as 2011 and newer arrivals into the world of blockchain technology and trading crypto-assets, this is a good opportunity to talk about developments and trends in the fast-evolving world of disruptive innovation and finance.

At Hotel Harpoon Harry you will be able to have food & drink in pleasant surroundings before we get going with short talks by industry experts and Q&A between the audience and the speakers, as well as the chance to discuss between attendees and form discussion groups.

We'll be in a reserved area upstairs on level 1. RSVP is required as seating is limited.

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