• Making Blockchain Sexy: Telling a story for awareness, adoption & investment.

    Conversations about blockchain can easily be bogged down by technical jargon, which can quickly lose the interest of potential customers, users, and investors. Just as internet users find utility in the technology without knowing the details, blockchain should be no different. Blockchain has the potential to radically change the world and if we wish to see this future, we must give it a better story. Presenters: Founded in 2017 by Colton O’Dwyer and Heath Hawkins, Proxley is a creative agency with one simple mission in mind: help crypto and blockchain companies tell the best version of their story. Since then, Proxley has worked with several currencies, companies, and conferences to create content aimed at increasing adoption, awareness, and education. Proxley believes that for blockchain to have the best chance of success, it must be one thing—sexy.

  • Implication of Espinoza on Virtual Currency Businesses & Tax Issues

    Shutts & Bowen will host a very special meetup in the firm's beautiful downtown Orlando office where legal experts, very familiar with the topic, will provide an overview of the significance of the recent Espinoza Third District Court of Appeals (Florida) decision and related issues, as well as a discussion on tax implications related to virtual currencies. Food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be provided. For background on Espinoza - see: https://news.bitcoin.com/florida-appeals-court-defines-bitcoin-as-money-as-espinoza-ruling-reversed/ https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article225292880.html