Blockchain Art & Fashion: "The IP in VIP"


ACA Galleries (, is hosting a panel to discuss the implications of these new technologies in the art world.

After party at Le Souk ( where more spontaneous couture will be produced live.

510 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012


The art and fashion industries have a serious problem protecting their Intellectual Property (IP). Knock-offs, rip-offs, and forgeries present a serious problem for artists. If nothing changes, they will not get paid for their work.

Blockchain promises an artists' dream: a public immutable ledger with evidence of digital provenance to empower artists to verify the authenticity of their work. Innovations in IoT (Internet of Things) devices are empowering artists to protect their work worldwide with the click of a button; no lawyers needed.

This show will feature the world’s first fine art trademarked and sold on the Ethereum blockchain.

Panelists include:

Nathan Windsor from Macroscape (, a blockchain development company, and Chronicled (, a blockchain IoT company, who have partnered to produce a company that offers artists an amazing opportunity to protect their work.

Navneet Suman, a developer from the RChain ( team will be there to discuss their work in building a scalable and secure blockchain platform to handle the world’s increasing demand for security.

Jeffrey Silberman, attorney at law at Perkins Coie (, will discuss the wide-ranging implications for blockchain and IoT in the legal world.

Three cross-disciplinary artists representing a widely selling demographic will be showing their work: Colleen Blackard (, Paul Richard (, and Elisa Jimenez (

Blackard’s pen and ink art has been shown worldwide. Richard has sold portraits to Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Bieber.

Jimenez, an interdisciplinary artist and fashion designer who has produced couture for Serena Williams and "Sex and the City," will create spontaneous couture in the gallery space.

Light refreshments will be served.

After party at Le Souk ( where more spontaneous couture will be produced live.