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Our new home is PrimalbaseNYC (https://primalbase.com/en/workspaces/new-york/). Hosted by Steemit.com's Content Director, Andrew Levine, the goal of this meetup is to provide anyone who is interested in the intersection of blockchain technologies, social media, and entrepreneurship an opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals as well as a member of one of the most successful blockchain technology teams (the total token supply of STEEM is currently in the top 25 by market capilization at over $300 million) and discuss the sector as well as where they might fit into it.

How often and when the meetup is hosted will depend on the demand, we have a permanent home at the Primalbase New York (https://primalbase.com/en/workspaces/new-york/) office at 40 Fulton Street.

About Primalbase

Primalbase is creating an entirely new model for shared work spaces. We make a stuffy industry more affordable, allow members to earn, and bring together like-minded people from around the world. Hot desks right now are ~$8/day. All members of the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, Social Media + Entrepreneurship meetup group are eligible for a free 1 day voucher.

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40 Fulton St

Meetup Collaboration with Urbit

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