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Blockchain at UCI is an ecosystem for blockchain education, development, and networking at UC Irvine and surrounding areas. We organize workshops, educational seminars, hackathons, and networking events to facilitate the growth of blockchain awareness, technical understanding, and thorough training.

Blockchain at UCI collaborates with industry leaders to host events with various blockchain-oriented companies, in pursuit of identifying efficient and practical blockchain technologies, and helping students in Orange County develop the necessary skills and knowledge to participate in new, exciting opportunities surrounding blockchain.

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Investing in Web3/Blockchain Space Speaker Event

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Dr. Hwang is a lecturer for Linqto, a blockchain focused Pre-IPO marketplace. He is a UCI Graduate, later getting his doctorate in Dental Surgery at UCLA and a Masters at Columbia. He has been a longtime investor within the Web3 space, becoming a Lead Crypto Investor for the hedge fund Rosten Capital investments.

This event will be focused on:

  • Investing in the blockchain space
  • The realm of Venture Capital in Web3
  • How to do your due diligence on an investment
  • Emergence of Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • The global shift away from US dollar hegemony

There will be snacks and refreshments provided!

We also have a google form for questions! Feel free to submit any questions you want to ask Dr. Hwang!

Google Form link:

Directions to the ISEB building can be found HERE:

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BaUCI x XRP Ledger Irvine LA Community Meetup

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