Blockchain Israel Community Day

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The Blockchain Israel Community Day is the epicentre for all those working in the blockchain technology industry.

The Israeli tech scene is flourishing, and blockchain will have a marked impact on every single industry in the world, from conceiving more sustainable supply chains, building faster banking systems, implementing secured crypto services and deploying quantum networks.

“We are seeing a paradigm shift in innovative solutions such as distributed ledgers and decentralized protocols, accelerating our cognitive processes and human interactions, all at the speed of light.” Yael Rozencwajg, CEO at Blockchain Israel

** The Program **
The Startup Nation is spearheading blockchain technology by fully embracing blockchain solutions and crypto technology.
If you are an entrepreneur, a senior developer, a corporate executive or an academic and aspire to affect meaningful change tomorrow, join us at this exclusive gathering to engage, learn, and take a deep-dive into this exploding industry.

** Expand Your Network **
A showcase of excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship, Blockchain Israel Community Day aims to connect all key players: the innovators and drivers in blockchain, top-tier investors, senior executives and influential policy-makers.

** Explore Opportunities **
Discover the benefits of taking a hands-on, proactive approach to your investments.
Embrace brainstorming and share your ambition with the aim of putting points on the board among like-minded, fearless entrepreneurs.
Drive high stakes as the future of many companies is in the hands of key decision-makers and visionaries.

If you are an entrepreneur, developer, corporate or academic join us for this exclusive event. Come learn and deep-dive into the core issues and challenges of the nascent blockchain industry.

Thank you to our partners Pearl Cohen, IBM, Fintech Tech Week and OurCrowd.

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** Agenda **
09:00 > 09:20 - Introduction by Yael Rozencwajg CEO of Blockchain Israel, presentation of the activities, the new programs & packs for blockchain-based start-ups

09:20 > 09:50 - Discussion panel with Jonny Paul, organiser of Fintech Week Tel Aviv and Stewart Rogers and Yael Rozencwajg.
We will talk about how to succeed in a life where we constantly need to adapt ourselves, about us as humans and how to find the right work / life balance in a world that changes so fast, even more now that the blockchain industry is about to disrupt our societies.

10:00 > 10:30 - Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric and IBM Blockchain
10:30 > 12:00 - Hands-on workshop - Build a Blockchain app with Hyperledger Fabric with Jaffa Sztejnbok, Business Analytics & Cloud Architect at Start-ups/Developers Ecosystem & IBM's AlphaZone Accelerator

12:00 > 13:00 - Networking

13:00 > 13:30 - Keynote: Guy Lachmann, partner at Pearl Cohen

13:30 > 14:00 - Fireside chat: Meirav Harel, Head of Strategic Innovation Technologies at BDO "How Blockchain will Aid in Avoiding Black Swans in the Future of Banking"

14:00 > 15:00 - Startup pitches + Investors pitches + Academy Case studies + One-to-one meetings with our Experts and Leads

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