#21 Blockchain for Real Estate


Today we like to give you an insight in an exciting German tokenization project and also in ongoing FIBREE projects.

1.) Christian Heinze, CEO at Blockzeug ( www.blockzeug.com ) -
"How tokenization changes European financing"

Christian will present his solution for how to cut the implementation cost and time of project financing by 90% and enables formerly illiquid assets to be freely traded both OTC & on traditional stock markets.

After working in both the private and public sector in Europe and the US for more than a decade, Christian has successfully built 3 companies. Since 2016 Christian is designing and deploying DLT and tokenization solutions for large-cap clients and SMEs globally.

2.) Axel von Goldbeck, DWF/FIBREE - "The Unified Object Identifier"

The Unified Object Identifier (UOI) is a FIBREE initiated project to create a common data identifier across the real estate life cycle. The project has been initiated in the Netherlands by Jo Bronckers and was funded by the Dutch government. FIBREE managed to bring more than 30 real estate companies together that now contribute to the project. The goal is to create a common identifier that connects existing data silos and is internationally applicable.

3.) Achim Jedelsky, FIBREE - "Tokenisation – The Future of Real Estate Investment?"

In January 2020 the University of Oxford published the Research Paper
"The Future of Real Estate Investment?"
where FIBREE was main contributor together with CBRE, EY and BCLP. Based on this publication I will give an overview of the market and my views to the outlook as well as what role FIBREE is playing in this.

We will take pictures and eventually videos of the event that will be posted on the meetup page. If you register for this meetup you agree that pictures taken of you can be used to document this event - for nothing else.