Philadelphia 'Blockchain in Healthcare Today' Chapter Launch

Blockchain for Social Impact Philadelphia
Blockchain for Social Impact Philadelphia
Public group

Bluemle Life Science Building

233 S 10th St · Philadelphia, PA

How to find us

The Bluemle building is just south of the main quad on Jefferson's campus on 10th street in between Walnut and Locust Streets. We will be held in room 105 – 233.

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Philadelphia is one of the flagship chapters for the new 'Blockchain in Healthcare Today' Ambassador City Program. We want to celebrate by bringing in local and national experts to show how this immersive technology will benefit healthcare, life sciences and other fields surrounding care!

We are lucky to bring John Bass (CEO, Hashed Health), Susan Ramonat (CEO, Spiritus), Dr. Matthew Rose (CEO, Saavha) and Edward Bukstel (CEO, Clinical Blockchain) into town to give us insights into their companies and why blockchain is such a vital back end solution to their work.

6:00-6:30PM: Networking

6:30-6:40PM: Introductions/Community Updates

6:40-7:00PM: Ed Bukstel on Metrodora

7:00-7:20PM: Matthew Rose on Saavha Moving Forward

7:20-7:40PM: Susan Ramonat on Do's and Dont's for a Blockchain Business Use Case

7:40-8:00PM: John Bass on Blockchain Design Patterns