Blockchain for Business with Undeveloped, ICO Headstart, Publicism, and oneUp

Blockchain in Business
Blockchain in Business
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Welcome to our next meetup about the practical applicability of blockchain, beyond cryptocurrency alone. We have compiled a very diverse program that features speakers from different backgrounds who have in common an insatiable drive to create real blockchain applications to overthrow existing industries.

This Meetup will feature the following speakers:
- Dirk Scheringa, ICO Headstart
- Joris Bontje, oneUp
- Pieter Haasnoot, Publicism
- Reza Sardeha, Undeveloped

The agenda is as follows:
18:30 Pizza
19:00 Start presentations
21:00 Networking and Drinks
21:30 Everyone out

Reza Sardeha - Undeveloped
"How Undeveloped Is Implementing Blockchain To Automate Unscalable Processes"

As a marketplace, Undeveloped is always looking for ways to increase the number of transactions conducted on its platform. By automating the transactional engine at Undeveloped we're removing all present inefficiencies and introducing new models to allow buyers and sellers to transact easier and more effective. In this presentation we'll dive into the exact processes we're automating and how we're doing it. Finally, we'll also take a look into the future to see if we can predict how tech-businesses will operate in 5 years and how Web 3.0 could impact internet users.

Dirk Scheringa - ICO Headstart
"Blockchain verovert de wereld"

Pieter Haasnoot - PUBLICISM
"A free and divers press is essential to an open and democratic society"

But free press is under siege. Legacy news organizations cannot counter censorship and the power of central owned click-based algorithms. We need to innovate the existing press ecosystem by designing a disruptive decentralized publishing network. Blockchain technology now gives us the possibilities to do so. Publicism is building this eco-system. By doing so Publicism is developing know-how and services in other markets as well.

Joris Bontje - oneUP
"State of the DApps"

State of the DApps is a curated directory of Decentralized Applications, also called DApps (pronounced D-Apps) on the Ethereum Blockchain. State of DApps was created to categorize and showcase developed projects & businesses built on the Ethereum Blockchain. In his talk, Joris will reflect on the kind of DApps that are being developed by the community.