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A network for individuals, entrepreneurs, business professionals and developers to meet and share thoughts around the growth and development of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector in Switzerland.

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From Silos to Ecosystem: Let’s build a healthcare DAO

Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/from-silos-to-ecosystem-lets-build-a-healthcare-dao-tickets-72943950319 ------- This DayOne hands-on workshop, set up in close collaboration with Molecule Protocol, invites pharma, biotech, and healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, academics & tech enthusiasts to explore the benefits and application of decentralized systems for healthcare innovation Decentralized systems for data sharing, data storage, and coordination hold many advantages for the healthcare ecosystem. Blockchain technology can create new incentives and coordination tools to organize how life sciences organizations can collaborate on discovering new cures, build more inclusive platforms for patients and potentially revolutionize healthcare. Especially Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) could provide new tools to re-organize from silos to systems and pioneer use cases such as distributed clinical trials that democratize how new cures are developed. DayOne, the healthcare Innovation Initiative of Basel Area Swiss, in close collaboration with Molecule Protocol, is hosting a series of practical workshops on the topic DAO’s (Decentralized Autonomous Organisations) in healthcare. Kicking off on the 24th of October the series will provide participants with in-depth knowledge on decentralized approaches to current problems in healthcare and explain how DAOs work. Both from a use-case, legal and technical angle, the goal is to develop a community-driven experiment in decentralized organizations. GOALS Learn about DAOs. An exciting new form of organization. Design a DAO. Apply these mechanisms to your profession and build a use case. Deploy a DAO. As a worldwide first, we want to apply these mechanisms in healthcare. DETAILS Date: Thursday, 24 October 2019 Workshop Time: 15h00 - 18h00 Networking time: 18h00 - 19h00 Venue: Basel Area Swiss Lab Purpose: Introduction to the series - The first section of the evening will be an informative & educational session lead by internationally recognized experts in their fields. The second half of the session will encourage attendee participation in the form of open discussion, idea sharing, and opinions on the topic to further develop the series strategically moving forward. RESEARCH What is a DAO? · https://www.investopedia.com/news/daos-and-potential-ownerless-business/ · https://hackernoon.com/what-is-a-dao-c7e84aa1bd6 TO JOIN THE WAITLIST & GET THE INVITE CODE: Email your request to [masked] with your full name & company name.

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Bridging the Gap Between Researchers and A Cure

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