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Project EOS.IO - is a community founded on Sept 2017, to help build the knowledge of the various platforms, and the promotion new or on-going projects (preference for locally based) for potential opportunities to learn, collaborate and contribute.

Goals of the community include:

- Sharing the fundamental concepts of Blockchain Platforms
- Providing a forum to network with others to develop innovative projects
- Teaching how to research existing projects
- Discussing Trends and Future Features of Emerging Platforms within the Crypto Space

- Work shops on programming

- Mixer Opportunities

Please join our EOS - Phoenix community chat:

For example, use cases for a User Ride Sharing Service build on EOS:

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Luis Paris, Developer Relations Advocate at Block.one, leads a demo on how various EOSIO components interact using a sample web app. Bonus: we’ll also talk EOSIO tools and libraries you can use to develop fully fledged, responsive web apps that work with EOSIO networks and smart contracts. Register for live stream or watch recording weeks later. https://eos.io/webinars/ May 18, 2020: Learn about Blockchain & EOSIO https://eos.io/webinars/learn-about-blockchain-eosio/ https://vimeo.com/421337323/df49ac8f7c Jun 15, 2020: Build Your First Smart Contract on EOSIO https://eos.io/webinars/build-your-first-smart-contract-on-eosio/ https://eos.io/webinars-confirmation/?webinar-id=2154 Jul 15, 2020: Build a Full-stack Web Application Using EOSIO https://eos.io/webinars/build-a-full-stack-web-application-using-eosio/

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