• DEFIICON: The DeFi Lecture Series

    Online event

    Confirmed: AAVE, Balancer, Compound, Chainlink, Gnosis, Alpha Homora, Fantom, InstaDdapp, Hedera, CREAM, dForce, PieDao, dYdX, Algorand, Sifchain, MetaMask, Curv, ConsenSys and a bunch more

    RSVP required!

    Event page: http://defiicon.com
    Early Access Discord: https://discord.gg/UKuy97Pyy9

    DEFiiCON is here, folks. DEFiiCON is back-to-back education lectures from the very people changing the DeFi space.

    Join us 3/3 @ 3PM for 2.5 days of intensive DeFi workshops! Full agenda and details forthcoming. RSVPs will be limited.

    Complete schedule on http://defiicon.com