Understanding Decentralized ID


Get an education on what DID is and what some of the use cases are.


6:20 - Welcome and introductions by Jamiel & Quick welcome to the space by Jim
6:30 - Identity 101 fundamentals (DI/SSI, DIF, DID, Verifiable Credentials, Sovrin and other key compontents) by Dele
6:45 - Dele on metaMe perspective on identity use cases, solutions and deployments
7:00 - Tomislav on Streetcred ID perspective on identity use cases, solutions and deployments
7:15 - Garrett on ConsenSys/uPort perspective on identity use cases, solutions and deployments
7:30 - Panel discussion & audience Q & A with all speakers moderated by Jim
7:50 - Wrap and mingle

1. Dele Atanda - Serial entrepreneur and acclaimed digital visionary, Dele Atanda is CEO of metaMe, the world’s first Self-Sovereign AI and Universal Smart Data Marketplace, and founder of The Internet
Foundation, an NGO dedicated to advancing the ethical use of data in commerce while establishing digital rights as an extension of human rights. Atanda has been a pioneering voice on the emergence of web 3.0 technologies, notably with his critically acclaimed book The Digitterian Tsunami: Web 3.0 and the Rise of the N.E.O Citizen published in 2013. He is an avid advocate of the potential of decentralized technologies to advance humanity while positively and dramatically transforming society.

2. Tomislav - A developer for 20 years, originally from Macedonia and moved to NYC 7 years ago. Two years ago, Tomislav got into Blockchain Development and subsequently got involved with decentralized identity.
He has been contributing to the Hyperledger project ever since. Last summer, Tomislav started his own company doing work with digital identity.

3. Garrett Allen - Garrett is a Senior Product Manager at ConsenSys on the uPort "spoke." He focuses on solving consumer and enterprise problems related to decentralized identity and verified data exchange. His prior experience involves Product and Strategy roles for various fintech companies.

4. Jamiel Sheikh - Jamiel is CEO of Chainhaus, an advisory, software development, application studio and education company focused on blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Jamiel has over 15 years of experience in technology, capital markets, real estate and management working for organizations like Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Sun Microsystems, SONY and Citigroup. Jamiel is an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, NYU and CUNY teaching graduate-level blockchain, AI and data science subjects.

This event is Co-Hosted by Jim Tomonto Blockchain Solutions Architect from the IBM Garage.

Jim Tomonto - As a blockchain solutions architect, and hands-on developer for the IBM Garage, Jim Tomonto lives at the cutting edge of public and private Blockchains as well as asset backed digital tokens, digital identity and cryptocurrency. Jim has over 20 years of experience architecting trust and provenance oriented systems for the enterprise.

Jim has taken up leadership roles as a blockchain leader and community builder at IEEE, Denver Startup Week, the Government Blockchain Association, the CO Governor’s Blockchain Council, and various Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conferences – often speaking on its varied usages in the public and private sectors.