How Blockchain Can Create More Sustainable Trustworthy Organisations


Imagine a chain of shops that is manless, which customers can buy items off the shelf and the costs instantly remitted to the suppliers and profits directly into the pockets of the investors/shareholders.
Also imagine it being transparent, corruption free and frictionless.

These are the possibilities of DAOs - decentralised autonomous organisations.

Blockchain enables new forms of human association that combine the scale and efficiency of free markets with the alignment and coherence of startups. Thanks to smart contract protocols like Ethereum, it is now possible to construct networks that are self organizing around shared goals and interests, and a new economy where cooperation is the winning strategy.

Fresh from Devcon V in Osaka, Jason Chew (the speaker) will cover:
- What are DAOs
- History of DAOs - the infamous DAO hack and aftermath
- Why are DAOs important
- Notable DAO experiments of 2019
- How to build your own DAO using a framework called DAOcanvas
Our mission? To inspire you kickstart your baby DAO experiment.

Blockchain Space, Makati, Philippines

1.00 pm Workshop Begins
3.00 pm Workshop Ends

Limited to max 40 people only.

Philippines Contact: Shan Benitez Telegram @shanbenitez