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Blockchain Technology Initiative is a close-knit group created for passionate economic revolutionaries, go-getters, dynamic entrepreneurs & creative thinkers based on Blockchain technology. In case you don’t know, Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that provides a way for information to be recorded and shared by a community.
Are you an entrepreneur, developer, freelancer, NGO owner, agriculturist, grassroots politician, real estate agent, business consultant, or simply someone who is interested in making an impact financially? Blockchain Technology Initiative is perfect for you!
Our aim is to get together several times a month as we deepen our understanding of Blockchain Technology & cryptocurrency, share innovative ideas, mentor, encourage and support one another on our march to financial & economic emancipation, especially using Blockchain Technology & cryptocurrency.
This is a close-knit community for connecting & collaborating with other inspiring individuals. We are comprised of:
·  Passionately motivated, driven new start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Software Developers, Solopreneurs, Freelancers seeking knowledge on how to use Blockchain Technology & cryptocurrency to propel their revenue generation.
·  Existing business owners, Entrepreneurs willing to share their wisdom & understanding of Blockchain Technology, cryptocurrency and its practical applications in Nigeria.
·  Grassroots politicians seeking to bring radical change into the political system via the transparency, security & speed of Blockchain Technology.
We get together a few times a month to share emerging trends in Blockchain technology & cryptocurrency, create new strategies, develop our goals & roadmap in succeeding financially via this cutting-edge Blockchain technology.
You will be inspired & rejuvenated in your financial aspirations by inspiring speakers and leaders who are brilliant and pacesetting in their fields, especially those with a keen grasp of Blockchain technology. 
If you are:
·  Envisioning a new start up;
·  A software developer
·  Thinking of starting an important project;
·  A small to medium business owner looking to expand;
·  A stakeholder in a government regulatory agency;
·  A grassroots politician passionate about a transparent political system;
·  Maybe you're a self-development junkie; 
·  Or an avant-garde thinker & creative thinking genius?
In our zeal to revolutionize the economic horizon of the future and secure our financial future with Blockchain technology, some of us may even become friends outside our close-knit & inspiring meetups.
Join us and mingle at our next Meetup. See how we collaborate with no set agenda or expectation of each other.
Join us and share what you do and your financial vision & dream for the economy! 

We are all Blockchain Enthusiasts!!!

Past events (18)

Emerging Opportunities For Creative Artists in the Metaverse Economy

This event has passed

Abuja Blockchain & Crypto-Assets Conference/ Exhibition 2021

Sheraton Abuja Hotel

Lagos Blockchain, Crypto-Arts & Future of Money Conference 2021

The Civic Centre

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