• Blockchain Masterclass - September 24th & 25th - 50% discount!

    Our blockchain masterclass is back - this time with DOUBLE the content. The class spans 2 days and takes place on both June 25th and 26th, from 15:00-17:30 (on both days). Get 50% off by using code: BLOCKCHAIN#50 Here's an idea of what we'll cover in this interactive, LIVE masterclass: - You discover blockchain and its relationship to COVID-19 - You will see where blockchain sits in the 4th Industrial Revolution - You do exercises that demonstrate the ‘how to’ of building a blockchain, including cryptography (#hashing) - You build your own blockchain use case using Google Crazy 8 system - You will investigate successful use of blockchain in supply chains - We will understand when NOT to use blockchain - You will discuss efficiencies and new business models enabled by blockchain - You will discuss the latest innovations with experts that provide insight into agrifood business. Interested to book a spot? Head here: www.thenewfork.com/shop Any questions? Drop me a line at [masked]