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Come to join IBM Israel, Ledgertech, SPiCE VC, and Rivver for a unique meetup about Hyperledger and the enterprise blockchain.

Corporations, governments, and enterprises, as well as startups, are increasingly implementing blockchain technology as they seek to take advantage of its capabilities. It is only now that people appear to have taken note of the technology.
2019 is going to be the year of the enterprise blockchain and we are thrilled to host a dedicated meetup on Hyperledger! Did you know Hyperledger is already implemented in more than 500 projects? 😊

The event is perfect for entrepreneurs, investors and executives who want to learn more about Blockchain Applications and Use Cases.
The event will be in Simple Plain English => Great for Beginners 😊


Ronen Siman-Tov - Hyperledger Business Use Cases
Eran Tirer - Disrupting Insurance with Hyperledger
Ami Ben David - A blueprint for managing ownership of all securities on the blockchain
David Benizri - Distributed Private Equity

Panel Discussion & Networking
Event Moderator: Aviv Lichtigstein – 101 Blockchains.

About The Speakers:

Ronen Siman-Tov is the CTO of IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator and is the leader of IBM Blockchain solutions in Israel. In his daily work, Ronen is helping startups and enterprises design and implement enterprise grade solutions that leverage IBM technologies including IBM Blockchain platform with focus on finance, insurance, government and supply chain vertical domains. Ronen is a certified Thought Leader IT Architect with more than 20 years of experience in the development & management of complex software systems.

Eran Tirer is the founder & CEO of Ledgertech AG, a Swiss company developing a unique platform that combines the power of blockchain with “big data” to enable advanced, predictive analytics which supports lifecycle integration across customers, insurers and insurance service providers with benefit to all. Combining these core elements allows the insurance industry to deliver an infrastructure to leverage next generation technology to solve core problems and provide innovative services to customers. Eran has held senior, executive positions in the software solutions industry for over 30 years. Former CEO and founder of EZSource- company acquired by IBM.

Ami Ben David is the co-founder and managing partner of SPiCE VC, a fund specializing in the tokenization of assets on the blockchain, a fast growing market SPiCE helped pioneer when it tokenized its own equity (Symbol:SPICE). At SPiCE, Ami focuses on both tokenization infrastructure projects supporting the market’s growth, as well as tokenized startup companies and projects. Ami is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. He was a co-founder of Securitize, a founder and head of product and marketing at mobile search company Everything.me, co-founded mobile content company Ki-Bi Mobile, CRM company AladdinSoft, and messaging startup WorkGroup; On the corporate side, Ami was VP Investment at VC fund Magma Venture and was the SVP Europe and Asia at casual games company Oberon.

David Benizri is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rivver, an end-to-end digitization platform, tailored to Private Equity and Venture Capital funds. Powered by Hyperledger, The Rivver platform provides GP's with a suite of solutions to better manage their operational processes and pass on liquidity and transparency to their LP's. David is a serial entrepreneur, having previously founded startups in investment banking, marketing and software development.

The event is a joint initiative between 101 blockchains (https://101blockchains.com), and Blockchains Factory TLV (https://blockchainsfactory.com)

Thanks to our partners from IBM Israel