Blockemon #9 - Blockchain is a personal thing

Blockemon - Blockchain Belgrade
Blockemon - Blockchain Belgrade
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Little did you know that today we have TWO announcements instead of one! Feel the wrath of this powerful blockchain community, MUAHAHAHA!

Ok, now about that announcement ...

This month at Startit Centar Belgrade, we bring you the story of an everyday guy who got an opportunity to take part in the crazy world of blockchain development.

Let us introduce you to Uroš Radovanović (, Blockchain/Software Developer at GameCredits Inc, but also a sociologist, a junior in Greco-Roman wrestling, and a freestyle wrestling champion. About two years deep in the technology, his previous experience at Devana Labs, Malloc Corporation, Endava, and now GameCredits made him a highly sought-after expert in corporate software development, especially with anything related to blockchain.

We all have the chance to get involved in blockchain, and what better way to illustrate the point then talking to someone who actually made a significant turn in their life to become a professional in this field?

This group is full of memorable stories and fascinating personalities, so come on down on January 25 and join us for the latest awesome Blockemon meetup!