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Blockstack (https://blockstack.org) is a movement to build the decentralized web - a movement of hackers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world deeply committed to the future of the Internet as a bastion of innovation, freedom, and economic inclusion. Blockstack is about pushing power to the edges with decentralized applications and allowing users to be in control of their data, identities, and software.

Blockstack Bangalore is for people who are passionate about decentralization, blockchains, secure apps, and open source software. If you believe in ushering in a new decentralized internet where applications are server-less and let users control their data, then Blockstack Bangalore is for you.

The decentralized internet on Blockstack is powered by a technological breakthrough in consensus algorithms which allows you to take back your rights to ownership, privacy, and safety and to experience the internet as it was truly meant to be.

Blockstack is an open source project with over 4500 meetup members worldwide. Learn more about what Blockstack here (https://blockstack.org/intro). To start learning how to build decentralized apps on Blockstack, go to https://blockstack.org/tutorials .

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