Zero-to-Dapp Virtual Workshop

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Calling on developers of all levels to try out a decentralized operating system!

What is Blockstack?

One metaphor we use is a "distributed operating system." Just like Linux, MacOS, or Windows handles all the complexity for apps running on your computer (e.g., writing data to hard disks, file permissions, isolation of apps from each other, etc.), Blockstack handles all the complexity for apps running on a decentralized internet. You can use the Blockstack programming framework to build a decentralized chat app like WhatsApp. Your app might actually be less complex than a centralized version because you don't need to run infrastructure or worry about user accounts or access-control for users. Blockstack already provides a lot of common building blocks and you can just focus on the logic of your specific app.

We have spent the last year building our STACK Protocol and it includes a decentralized naming system called BNS, a decentralized routing network called ATLAS, and a decentralized cloud storage solution called Gaia. Gaia is compatible to AWS, Google Cloud, your local server, IPFS, Dropbox.


Zero-to-Dapp Virtual Workshop

Our core devs will be conducting a fun and interactive workshop. You will watch a tutorial and be able to ask any questions in real time.

Here is the link to register

**A few of us are getting together to watch the Virtual Workshop. If you want to come to join us, please reply with a message and we will give you the details. We have limited spots, so if you can't come, pls do let us know early. You don't need to register online if you come to our meetup.**

You need to bring your windows laptop (this session is for Windows developers only).