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Why Join The Blogger Babes Meetup group?

It can get lonely for anyone trying to blog her way to the top. That’s why we formed The Blogger Babes. It’s not just an association – it’s more like a sisterhood. We help each other out, from sharing useful tips to collaborating with members to create awesome content together.

You’ll benefit from our experienced bloggers - those that have been blogging for quite a while and who actually make a living from their blog - to our handy tips and tools , networking opportunities and the educational webinars we coordinate at least twice a month.

We offer some pretty exciting (and exclusive) stuff:

· Socializing and Networking Opportunities: Hang out with your fellow bloggers, both in person and virtually! We organize parties, meetups and webinars for our Blogger Babes.

· Exclusive Content: Hone your skills, cultivate new ideas and pick up a few tips with our content – ebooks, articles, webinars and more! Only available to Blogger Babes members.

·Support: The Blogger Babes are a friendly bunch – and we encourage members to reach out to one another, to make friends, collaborate, give encouragement and seek advice from members. You can’t do everything by yourself, and you shouldn’t have to when your fellow blogger babes are such excellent sources of support.

Goodies & Gifts & Sponsored Opportunities: We're continuously working to find sponsors for our bloggers. It's a win-win situation for both parties - our sponsors get exposure and feedback about their products & services, and our bloggers get to try out new products and services for free . This also gives a chance for our newer bloggers to learn how to review products the right way ( yes, there is a right and wrong way to write spectacular product reviews that will keep your sponsors coming back and your readers clamoring for more..).

Does this all sound exciting? Come join us and start blogging better now, and do tell all the other bloggers in your life to join the Blogger Babes movement.

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