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[San Francisco] Toast the promising new horizons of Seasteading!
Blue Frontiers, the company created by ambassadors from The Seasteading Institute, is creating a new industry, developing seasteads, that can be deployed to places impacted by rising seas. One technology making seasteading possible is blockchain. Blue Frontiers has launched Varyon (VAR), a general purpose payment token for the exchange of goods and services in the Blue Frontiers ecosystem, other ecosystems, and between token holders. Blue Frontiers is planning to use the proceeds of the sale to expand its ecosystem and create SeaZones and seasteads, and will only accept Varyon (VAR) for its products and services. Come learn how to make sustainable floating islands a reality and join the global seasteading community. • What we'll do Our Blue Frontiers and Blue Frontiers Global participants meet up each month to build our community while sharing the ideas and inspiration that will help make floating islands a reality • What to bring No need to bring anything except an open mind and passion for making the world a better place • Important to know There is no cost associated with this Meetup. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase at the bar.

Churchill bar

Church and 14th · San Francisco, CA

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