Totem Animal Medicine

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What’s your favorite non-domesticated animal?
Do you collect art, trinkets or admire certain wild animals?
Which animal do you rush to see at the zoo, aquarium or animal preserve? What characteristics and “medicine” can you learn from totem or power animals?

Every animal has their innate characteristics and ways that offer insight and teachings. We all can work and benefit with working with power animals. Some are life-long, others come in and out of our life to help us through challenging times. You may be surprised which critter is waiting to work with you: finned, feathered, or furred, 2 or 4 legged to the creepy crawlers – from the mighty lion to the industrious honey bee.

Discover and explore your totem animal in this fun, informative and interactive class where shamanic practitioner Heidi Bernardi will guide you on a shape-shifting experience as well as on shamanic journey to work with your power animal. This class is open to everyone, including children 12 and over (accompanied by an adult), no experience is necessary!

$40 (adult), ($20 child 12-17 accompanied by an adult)
Pre-pay required online at
12 person maximum

Facilitator: Heidi Bernardi "the Northwood Shaman". Heidi has lived a life of a healer; as a pharmacist for over 30 years, and passionately as a shamanic healer. She is initiated in the sacred teachings and medicine of Andean Shamanism, and continues her studies and apprenticeship in Ancient Irish Shamanism and the Way of the Seabhean. Her medical background gives her a unique insight to healing the body and soul. She was a teacher in a Shamanism school and had a private practice in Connecticut before moving to NH in 2016. She now has a shamanic practice in Chichester NH where she sees clients for shamanic healing, psychopomp, is available for house & land clearings, as well as offers a variety of workshops and ceremony for the community. See more and contact her at