The Celtic Medicine Wheel: Lughnasadh & Shamanic Ceremony

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Shamanic practitioner, Heidi Bernardi, invites to you travel the Celtic Medicine Wheel over the next year with sacred ceremony! Join us in the Southwestern point of the wheel and the time of Lughnasadh. This is the time of the first harvest, and the awakening of ourselves. We will talk about legend and lore and Heidi will lead us on shamanic journey to see what wisdom and guidance the diety Tailtiu has for you about your “medicine”, how you can be of service.

The Celtic Wheel shows us the way of nature and its inherent wisdom and power in the cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth. It provides us with a map in which we can identify where we are at any given moment in our lives and offers us a tool to navigate the journey of our soul. As our understanding of the wheel deepens, it becomes alive for us and we begin to flow with the grace with the cycles & rhythms of life. Throughout the year we will gather at each of the 8 points of the wheel to share learn and attune to the wisdom and offerings of the time. Come to one, some or all! Classes will take place every 6 weeks throughout the year.

The evening will conclude with an shamanic ceremony to set our intentions and offer gratitude.

Bring a drum or rattle if you have one (there will be some you can borrow).

Bring a friend or mate! Everyone is welcome ages 12 & up. No experience is necessary!

$20 per person. Pre-pay online at to reserve your place, or cash at the door.

Facilitator: Heidi Bernard "The Northwood Shaman." Heidi has lived a life of a healer; as a pharmacist for over 30 years, and passionately as a shamanic healer. She is initiated in the sacred teachings and medicine of Andean Shamanism, and continues her studies and apprenticeship in Ancient Irish Shamanism and the Way of the Seabhean. Her medical background gives her a unique insight to healing the body and soul. She was a teacher in a Shamanism school and had a private practice in Connecticut before moving to NH in 2016. She now has a shamanic practice in Chichester NH where she sees clients for shamanic healing, psychopomp, is available for house & land clearings, as well as offers a variety of workshops and ceremony for the community. See more and contact her at