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Blue River Forest Experience (BRFE) endeavors to cultivate and help sustain people with deeper awareness, appreciation, and devotion to nature, themselves, and others.

Blue River Forest Experience (BRFE) hopes to empower people and community to better themselves through a variety of nature-based programs and self-enriching experiences. Our programs, which are held on land that feeds the headwaters of the Blue River in Overland Park, Kansas, lead to a reawakened sense of wonder. We desire to inspire optimism and happiness and foster feelings of well-being. In order to do this we find it important to connect every man, woman and child back to the land, in turn this reconnects them to their true-self.

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"I sometimes wish that grown human beings were more like children, who are naturally open and accepting of others. Instead, as we grow up, we fail to nurture our natural potential and our sense of fundamental human values. We need to learn to distinguish emotions like anger and attachment that are destructive from positive ones like compassion that are a source of happiness." - Dalai Lama

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Campfire Night | Cooking on the Fire!

Blue River Forest Experience

Friday, Sept. 25 | 6:00 - 8:00 PM There is something magical about cooking on the fire! When we gather to make a meal in nature, we become more present and intentional with our food, and as a result, the love can be tasted. Our favorite foods to cook are bananas, apples, squash, potatoes, ash cakes and more! Gather your loved ones, bring whatever you feel inspired to cook, and let’s enjoy a feast around the fire! Bring your own plates, utensils, and water. You may also like to bring a blanket. Donation based event. Suggested Love Offering $15. Follow the link to register: https://blueriverforestexperience-schedule.as.me/campfire-night-cooking-on-the-fire

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Luminary Walk - Fall Equinox

Blue River Forest Experience

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