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Blues Party and Jam at Murphy's Tavern!
For Listeners, Dancers and Jammers Alike - Join us for a fun Blues Party and Jam at Murphy's Tavern! No Cover - Just Come As You Are! For More Details, Visit:

Murphy's Tavern

17 Ward Lane · Rumson, NJ

What we're about

Join this group if you'd like to be part of Nate Fegan's Blues Jam Series taking place near and around Red Bank, NJ. Here Is Some More Info:

- We have a group of musicians that meet once a month to play blues together.

- Drums and bass are provided by backing tracks that I use (also) in my solo gig ( In this way we are able to keep our volume a lot quieter which is also better for jamming (and for our ears).

- Guitarists, harpists and keyboardists (etc) trade solos on classic tunes that I set up, just as I would in my solo gig, either by singing or by playing an instrumental head.

- We assign the task of playing rhythm (or comping) to just one guitarist and one keyboardist in order to maintain clean and solo friendly sounding arrangements.

We have two basic formats:

1) In private venues, we set up in a circle and then go around the circle when it's time for solos. Each player solos over one chorus at a time before passing solo duties on to the next player. In this way, everyone gets to enjoy equal playing time.

2) In public venues (bars and/or restaurants) I set up as I would for any other live performance with one full-time keyboardist (when available) and then bring up two soloists for two tunes and then rotate to a different pair of soloists for the next two tunes and so on (one guitarist on each song may play rhythm or comp if desired). In this way, everyone gets to play and everyone gets to play as many rotations as time allows (keeping in mind that the average length for most tunes on my set list is just 3.5 minutes). We want players to have as much quality playing time as is possible.

- Players of all ability levels are welcome and invited to participate. However, we do jam in all 12 keys so players should be prepared, at the very least, to locate a basic blues scale in all 12 keys (this is an easy concept to learn with the simple help, if needed, of any qualified guitar instructor).

- The structure outlined above differs from other blues jams (possibly) in a number of ways and therefore provides for a slightly different set of dynamics. For example: Since I am setting up each tune (whether by singing or playing the head), musicians who might not have their own completed songs and material to "set the stage" at another local blues jam can still participate in this jam while sharing equal playing time with a variety of players in a more controlled and well-rehearsed (thanks to our pre-recorded backing tracks) environment.

- Overall, quality fun is what we are really after, so all good folks are invited to join us and jam - you can even join us just hang out and listen!



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