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Join Us For Our Monthly Blues Party & Jam! It's a great night for hanging out, eating, drinking, dancing, jamming, and just having a great time - see you there!

Attention Blues Players:

This is your chance to come on up and jam with the band! At this blues jam, drum and bass parts are played by the same pre-recorded backing tracks I use in my one-man-blues-band act. I set up each song by singing or by playing the instrumental melody and then I start handing out solos to the players on stage. At this all-levels jam, we divide the players into two groups and then alternate every two songs so that everyone gets to play. To date we have been joined by blues guitarists, blues harpists, blues keyboardists, blues saxophonists, and more!

Important Tip:

Join our email list so that each month you'll receive both a set list and accompanying backing tracks needed to prepare and practice for each performance. Be sure to bring your copy of the set list to each jam so that you are prepped and ready to look and feel like a pro!

- If you have questions and/or would like to be added to the email list, feel free to email me from my website: https://www.natefegan.com/blues-jam-red-bank

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Blues Party and Jam at Murphy's Tavern!

Murphy's Tavern

Please Note The Date Change as we Skip Super Bowl Sunday! For Listeners, Dancers and Jammers Alike - Join us for a fun Blues Party and Jam at Murphy's Tavern! No Cover - Just Come As You Are! For More Details, Visit: https://www.natefegan.com/blues-jam-red-bank

Join The Count Basie Blues-Guitar Band - 6 Sessions!

Count Basie Theater

Take this unique opportunity to learn, rehearse & perform with the Basie Blues-Guitar Band. Beginner and advancing players learn how to play and rehearse in a blues band setting and then take their skills to the stage for a special end-of-semester performance in a local venue! For Registration and More Details, Click The Following Link: http://thebasie.org/classes/wed-09-basie-blues-guitar-band-winter-2019/

Beginner Guitar Class - 4 Sessions!

Brookdale Community College

This is an easy going group guitar class that is perfect for adults who want to start at the very beginning and have fun learning the basics! Here is a link for more info and to register: https://www.brookdalecc.edu/continuinged/lifelonglearning/music/

Learn - Shortcut Rock and Blues Guitar - 4 Sessions!

Brookdale Community College

Beginners, start here and get the kind of shortcut guidance everyone needs to step up and start jamming right away. In this class, offered by a local band and jam session leader, you are going to learn simple tricks of the trade for how to grow confidence and be successful with chords, progressions and scales. This is your chance to take advantage of the simple, shortcut guide everyone needs to be successful jamming at home, with friends and live on stage! Here is a link for more info and to register: https://www.brookdalecc.edu/continuinged/lifelonglearning/music/

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Learn How To Play In A Blues Band - 4 Sessions!

Count Basie Theater

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