What we're about

Looking for business minded folks to join, network and enjoy. We are primarily looking for locals that work at or own a small B2B business in the Bluffton or HHI area. It's networking without all the awkward, bad parts and unlike most networking groups or events, it will actually be efficient and FUN! There are no dues or weird points to count, we just have lunch and chat once a month. I believe this will turn into something really great and will lead to some pretty cool friendships and referrals for all who participate. Who's in?

With this group, I am trying to create the opposite feel of most "Networking Groups". I am looking for a good group of B2B professionals that can provide each other with great insight and leads. I am trying to also be super picky so I can give the members a good experience and really deliver on the promise of not being the same as all the other groups. Most of us are sick of wasting time at Chamber events or BNI and not getting any results so I am trying to give a much more laid back and intimate experience that will provide actual results. With large groups like Chamber events, etc. anyone can join and you mill around trying to find people to help your business but it is super rare that you walk away from the event with an actual good contact that can offer you leads or even helpful tips. With this group, I am trying to keep it small but not competitive, so I have had to turn a lot of folks away. So even if you would be a great fit for this group another member may have a similar job and again, I do not want members to have competition. I am so sorry if your request to join gets declined. Good luck in your endeavors!

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