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What is it?

Blushing with Confidence is a Professional Women's peer led Group to enhance our personal and professional success via embracing and showing more of our beautiful personality in a safely held space. What are we using to hold ourselves back from shining our beauty and great success, and be the person the world needs so much? My aim is to create a safe space for professional women where we can be vulnerable, non-judgemental, learn from each other, develop authenticity and support beyond internalized patriarchal structures, and open up to our greatest success and happiness on all levels. Vulnerability is Strength.

Who is it for?

Blushing With Confidence is aiming at professional women who are dealing with a great number of people on a day-to-day basis, either face-to-face, or online. You are welcome to take on presentation dates, but please feel free to come as a participant only, if you prefer. We charge a small fee to pay travel expenses for the presenters, and to meet our costs. I see members of this group as Miracle Creators on a daily basis, as they are able to change everybody's day and life of people they come in contact with for the better, even just a little bit.

What happens at meetings?

Each meeting has a short intro circle, where we introduce ourselves to each other, practice sharing and listening skills, and embodied authenticity (20 minutes).

We will then hand over to our evening presenter (80 minutes), and there will be time for Q&A, and a closing circle.

Topics will always be of immediate practical relevance to gain clarity about our role in this world, as Women, today.

I will provide hot and cold drinks, and everybody is welcome to bring some nibbles to share.

Who are the Presenters?

I encourage most presenters to join the MeetUp group if possible. It you are interested in facilitating a session or presentation for us, with practical relevance concerning Vulnerability as Strength, and Women beyond Internalized Patriarchal Structures, please write an e-mail to Stella@StellaWithLove.com.

I'll pay travel expenses from London and surrounding areas, and, depending on the attendance count of the evening, possibly also a small fee.

This is not a commercial endeavour for me, and I charge the attendance fee to meet my costs, and for attendees to commit to attending.

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