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This is a group for Baltimore VR and AR enthusiasts/pioneers to meet and discuss the past, present, and future of VR as well as share lessons learned and ideas for how to advance the VR industry for the next 10 years.

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Bmore VR Spring 2019 Raffle Meetup

City Garage

It's about time for our second Bmore VR Meetup of 2019 and this time around we're adding a raffle! On Wednesday, April 10, all Meetup attendees will receive a card upon entry and should receive a sticker from each demo they complete. Once, an attendee receives all stickers you may deposit your card into the raffle. Completed cards must be deposited by 9:15PM. Bmore VR is returning with our usual open "Science Fair" layout with demos from DMV companies showcasing their awesome VR/AR experiences. If you’d like to demo your VR/AR project(s) please send an email to [masked]! Schedule: 6:00PM - 6:45PM: Doors Open/Intros 6:45PM - 9:10PM: Demos/Networking 9:15PM - 9:30PM: Raffle Demos: Look On Media - Look On Media’s advanced VR utility training is built from the ground up to effectively teach and track trainees learning dangerous and critical tasks such as identifying gas leaks in the field. The interactive VR software is modeled after real world scenarios and randomized each time to reinforce the critical thinking necessary to complete the tasks effectively. Under the hood it is measuring numerous data points and providing scores and feedback to the trainee after each user session. The powerful software is already in use at major utility providers and can be customized for any use case, even for industries outside the utility space such as healthcare, education and industrial training. Digital History Studios - Digital History Studios will be displaying a variety of projects, but most notably, the Berlin Wall Experience for the Vive which was produced for the Newseum in DC. Viewers are brought back in time to the Berlin Wall in the mid 1980’s and can explore various places in both West and East Berlin. There are a variety of interactive elements such as operating a searchlight on top of an observation tower, finding a hidden tunnel to escape to the West and taking a sledgehammer to crack the Wall. Callen Shaw Indie Games - VR Party Club is a party game for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. Their goal is to build an easy learning VR game where 1-4 players can throw, roll, shoot and slice their way to 1st place, in various board game and mini game environments! VR Party Club was designed for comfortable, intuitive game play to delight both VR veterans and neophytes. With one-button controls and zero-nausea design, VR Party Club would like to become the first true "killer app" for VR. Bully! Entertainment - Get the chance to test a gesture based installation piece for the Avatar franchise where users can fly a Banshee - as well as a couple other AR installations. Direct Dimensions - "Capturing Reality with Lasers & Drones" will be showcasing a variety of real world environments via HTC VIVE. Space Telescope Science Institute - Get up close and personal with NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Come witness the immense scale of Webb, learn about its engineering feats, or even take a journey into the heart of a protoplanetary disk! Free download available through Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/891960/WebbVR_The_James_Webb_Space_Telescope_Virtual_Experience/

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