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We are here to introduce a new hobby - tabletop gaming! It's about immersing yourself in the theme, a duel of wits, lying, or a sense of accomplishment when you made allies, enemies and accomplish a goal.

Forget about monopoly and snakes&ladders. Our games are for adults and teens alike. And it's going to be much more fun than that.

Newcomers are welcome, and in fact, i have friends that get hooked to board-gaming after a simple introduction. So, why not you!

Quite a few newcomers of this meetup have asked me...are your events free? To which I say

I carry twenty-three boxes of boardgame, all got in game. Hundreds of men have I tutored with my own hands in session. I tutor, I ignore the public' stare. I take away my meeples and cards. Others seek to make meetup a golden treasure, yet I am poor! Because *I* am a river to my people!

(Whoever gets the reference can PM me for a nice cup of coffee)

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Board Game Meet Up (Fully Vaxxed Only Edition)

Game Over Here

Phase 2 is here, and let us start by just having a small session of board games :)

There is a charge of RM10 per person (this is mainly due to the venue charge from the place itself, and I do not charge anything extra). I will handle the board games, assigning who and who to play, deciding what game to teach and brief the rules :D

That being said, Heavy Disclaimer time...Do not RSVP to my event if you

1.) Are not fully vaccinated. Your MY SEJAHTERA has to show as fully vaccinated

2.) Have family members that are not fully vaccinated AND you might end up carrying the virus back to them.

Mask on all the times, and I will do my best to make this hobby accessible to newbies (and looking at my past victims...erm i mean new boardgamers coming to this hobby, i figured i did a good job)

So All Aboard to Tabletop gaming

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