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It's been a while since we organize any boardgame event in the Bangsar region, and hey all, time to get the organizing back started. Welcome all to the newbies and the veteran of this hobby back

The boardgame event as usual, is meant to welcome new comer and veterans alike to the hobby, and we will try our best to cater to both parties. Games will be provided on site, rules will be taught, so stay a while and sit down while I teach you a game or two.

Since the venue is located in McDonalds, the fee is free~ Donations are welcome to fund my fuel and possibly to get more boardgames in near future

Our Library of Games

=== Euro gamers ===
- Hansa Teutonica
- Marco Polo + Venice Expansion
- Terra-forming Mars + Venus Expansion
- Caverna
- Carcassone
- Stone Age
- Clans of Caledonia
- Yokohama

=== Ameritrash ===

- Fury of Dracula (2nd edition)
- Rex: Last Day of the Empire

=== Party / Begineer games

- Pictomania (NEW)
- Citadel
- Munchkin (2 expansion)
- Coup
- Libertalia
- CodeNames
- Sushi Go
- Salem 1692