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Do you like board games more than the average bear? Have you ever thought of making one for yourself? With this meetup I am hoping to create a network of board game designers in NYC who, like myself, want to help others with industry connections, game development, organizing play tests and more. All ranges of experience are welcome! My only requirements for group participation are passion about table top play and a good attitude towards others' ideas.

If you don't design board games... who cares! Come join our group and become a part of the development of the next great game. Good games take collaboration and testing and we can always use people who want to focus group, play test or just hang out and bounce around ideas (you don't have to have a game of your own mid design!)

Thanks to everyone who read this and I look forward to seeing you in the group discussions and Meetup events soon!

Thank you,

Ben Scaglione

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Triango! The New Hit Game!!!

Bread & Butter

Hello All! We are excited to say that we are ready to share our game, Triango, with the world!!! Err, well... Some of the world! We had a great time building this game last meetup and we want to keep working on it. Everyone is welcome, not just those who were there last meeting! For anyone that was there last meeting, if you have had a specific concern or idea regarding this game (even if you were thinking something like, "this is so good. Ready to ship. What next?") please let me know ahead of time so I can be properly researched and prepared (material wise) for whatever this session will entail. Also, trying out a new location. I have grown a little tired of WeWorks for every Meetup! The group says two hours but we will likely go longer! Thanks! Ben

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