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This Meetup is for everyone who loves games, likes games, used to like games, doesn't know if they like games, and especially those who want to discover the enormous world of games that are available to suit every taste and style of player. A game is a fantastic way to spend an evening with friends and to meet new people.

We will try to have Game Night at least twice a month on Friday or Saturday nights. Game Nights are for players 18 years or older. We are very sorry but we can't accommodate kids.

I have a large selection of games or feel free to bring your own; I love to play new games. If there is a game you want to play, drop me a line and see if I have it.

If you would like to host a special night then just tell Tyler and he'll post it on the calendar:

*Ladies Night

*Card Game Night

*Strategy Game Night

*Anything else you can think of

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Game Night - Gracie's

Gracie's Bar

Let's try Gracie's out for this week. COVID stuff: Heated outdoor seating is available. Wear your masks during game play. Parking: The lot parking is a bit expensive. Street parking is around $2 for the whole evening. There is typically street parking near Pierpont Ave. Come meet some new people and learn some new games!

Board Game Night Game Haven

Game Haven Sandy

Join us here at Game Haven to play games and meet other gamers like you! We have a wide variety of demo games provided, but if you'd like you can bring your own games! Try to get here on time so you wont miss out!

Game Night at Game Den in Layton

Game Den - Layton

Thursday Night fun in Davis County! Game Den in Layton host an open game night every Thursday. Bring your own games or try some from their library. Bring your friends or come and make new ones. Have a great time!

Experienced Gamers Only

Demolition Games

Board gaming is a wonderful, inclusive, welcoming hobby. Meetup is full of fantastic board gaming nights where you can walk in knowing nothing about games and come out knowing a little bit more and possibly with a newfound interest and all kinds of potential friendships. We are very grateful for these meetups and encourage anyone that has the slightest interest to give one a try. "Experienced Gamers Only" might sound a bit harsh compared to the nature of the community, and by no means do we want to turn anyone away. However, in our experience, the type of games we as a group play may be too complex or not enjoyable for most. We’ve decided to have one night where we as serious gamers can play the games we enjoy without the worry of new/casual gamers not having a good time. We tend to play medium to heavy weight "Euro" games with a few other types of games in between. We generally don’t play gateway style games (games which tend to be simpler, shorter, and tend to be aimed at introducing the designer tabletop gaming hobby to people who have never been exposed to it before), RPGs, Dungeon Crawlers, CCGs, LCGs, nor games like Cards Against Humanity. If this environment sounds like your cup of tea then you are more than welcome to join and we will be welcoming and happy to meet you. If you haven’t played a game that’s hitting the table that night, we have absolutely no problem teaching you. On the other hand, if it sounds like something you might not be ready for, please take advantage of all the wonderful meetups out there, then when you feel you are ready for a bit more complex games, please come join us!

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Witch Hunt Game Night!

Game Haven Sandy

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