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DnD Summer Campaign - The Trial of the Ancient Gods!
The Trial of the Ancient Gods An unstable peace has kept the continent of Khorvaire and its many civilized kingdoms working and living as one for many years. From the dwarves to the east, to the dragonborn in the south, to the tritons in the north, and the elves in the west, all paid homage to the gods of old, revered and respected through prayer and sacrifice. But times are changing, and travelers bring with them new ideas and new deities to fear. Genasi, goblins, fey, tabaxi, lizardfolk, and all sorts of other barely civilized societies have joined Khorvaire, sharing and evolving the cultural landscape. But the gods of old will not be forgotten. With a flash of light and a boom that echoes across the land, the Trial of the Ancient Gods has begun. Who will triumph, and who will fall? Join Game Master, Jesse Dyke in this table-top, fantasy role-playing campaign. Whether you are a seasoned gamer, or are discovering the joys of table-top, fantasy role-playing for the first time, Jesse's experienced storytelling and game-facilitation will ignite your imagination, lift your spirit to new heights, and engage you in a campaign that will run through the summer of 2018. What to bring? - A wild imagination - A notebook, pencil and eraser - Dice: 4-sider, 6-sider, 8-sider, 10-sider, 12-sider, and - most importantly - a 20-sider infused with good-luck mojo - The DnD player handbook is recommended - A healthy respect for your fellow gamers! When is it? - The first session is on Wednesday June 27 from 6pm to 10pm at The Boardroom: Guelph’s Game Cafe (99 Wyndham Street, downtown Guelph). This first session will focus on character building and a fantasy role-playing primer for beginners! How much does it cost? • $15 per player. This includes a $5 cover and $10 for the DM. Question? Send a message to Jesse or Rodrigo.

The Boardroom: Guelph's Game Cafe

99 Wyndham Street North · Guelph, ON

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Let's have a local meetup for board gaming nights. Student staying in Guelph for summer? Local with no group to play? We have a collection of great games to pick from, including Pandemic, Agricola, Catan, Power Grid and much more.

This group focuses mostly on modern board games. We have a few members who enjoy classic games like Chess, Backgammon or Go, so if you want to find a partner, ask in the comments, I'm sure someone will be interested. We also have some members interested in role playing (DnD & Pathfinder) games, so this is a great place to organize your next campaign.

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